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Dementia has touched almost all of our lives in one way or another...

Dementia has touched almost all of our lives in one way or another, whether through a grandparent, parent, sibling, partner or friend. And, while there is unfortunately still no cure, there is an exciting new care model for dementia-care facilities that improves the lives of their residents and may even help to delay the progression of their symptoms.

Studies have shown that when people with dementia stop living active and busy lives, their symptoms can worsen significantly, and they can also become depressed, lacking purpose.

To combat this, a type of care facility being referred to as a "care village" or "dementia village" is being implemented around the world. Corbally Consulting is excited to be working on one such facility by Providence Living in Comox, BC, called "Together by the Sea", which provides a safe and monitored space for its residents to maintain as close to an independent life as they are able. While they will still be assigned nurses and appropriate assistance and medical care, they will have access to kitchens, where they can prepare food for themselves, participate in community gardens or various community activities, have easy and safe access to the outdoor courtyards and, perhaps most importantly, set their own schedules.

Corbally Consulting will be performing structural engineering services on the exterior window wall and curtain wall, interior storefront, glass canopies and aluminum sunshades on this project.

Owner: Providence Health CAre / Providence Living

Architect: dHK architects

Primary Structural Engineer: WSP Canada

Glazing Contractor: Desa Glass


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